The Edge Group is a strong economic group with the capacity to contribute to a society that is increasingly entrepreneurial through reference national and international projects. The group has defined its purpose as the development of sustainable and innovative real estate projects, enhanced by complementary businesses, while seeking growth and expansion in domestic and international markets, and based on a strong and competent management capacity.

With these goals in mind, the investment strategy of the group, lie within seven areas:

Demand driven

Creative and innovative projects that respond to market needs and anticipate its trends


Selective acquisition and in exceptional conditions, focused on assets with a large potential for growth


Aiming for an optimal balance between economic, social and environmental sustainability


Intervention only in assets with a potential for transformation and creation of value, be it real estate or businesses

Risk Protection

Advanced control models and risk protection in all stages of development, from initial acquisition to final sale


Opting for a portfolio of diversified assets in terms of sectors, geographical areas and maturities


Investment in businesses that are complementary, but that develop independently