Edge Arts is the cultural project of The Edge Group, devoted to promoting new Portuguese talents. Designed to be self-sustained and without external support, Edge Arts shares its philosophy with the group's values: investing in new talents that show - innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship.

Edge Arts organises exhibitions, conferences, workshops, concerts, among other initiatives, that seek to provide access to contemporary art to the public that does not usually visit cultural venues, and to attract new audiences (domestic and foreign) from a variety of business areas, by involving opinion leaders this industry in their activities programme.

Since its inception, Edge Arts established a partnership with the Arte Institute of New York (www.arteinstitute.com) through the identification of objectives shared by the two organisations, which aim to enhance Portuguese contemporary art, disseminating it in Europe, North America and South America. The partnership with Arte Institute has allowed, for example, live streaming of Edge Arts exhibitions openings around the world.