Setúbal Center

Setúbal Center is a unique and diversified project in the city of Setúbal, luxurious private development with a magnificent view of the Atlantic Ocean and beaches. With an area of 30,000m2, abundant green spaces, swimming pools, and other amenities, it will undoubtedly be a landmark in the city.

227 apartments

29.604 m2


São Sebastião, Setúbal

55M €

Under development

Situated between the immense Arrábida National Park and the Sado Estuary Natural Reserve, it surrounds you with unparalleled natural beauty.

Along the beautiful coastal region of Setúbal, the fantastic town of São Sebastião awaits to be explored. Its breathtaking natural scenery and reputation as a fishing town make this place an actual work of nature. This Setubal Center project is unique for lovers of a calm coast and a peaceful life.

Few are those who can claim to live close to stunning landscapes like those of Setúbal.