A mini-city in Matosinhos, two steps away from the sete bicas metro station, the Metropolis project is an undertaking that will surprise you with its difference. Its size and architectural style, with exposed metal structure and glazed roof, give the building a timelessness.

Offices, retail and senior residences

24.965 m2


Senhora da Hora, Matosinhos

60 M€

Under operation / licensing

An old factory in Matosinhos converted into "architectural irreverence" offices.

An excellent outdoor leisure space dedicated exclusively to its tenants. Also noteworthy is a fantastic Rooftop, surrounded by a large park of linden trees, creating a unique environment in terms of workspaces.

The project covers, in total, an area of 25.000 m2 for offices, leisure areas, and retail, among other valences.

The office building, renovated from an old factory, is located a two-minute walk from Norte Shopping, opposite the Sete Bicas metro station, where all the lines of the Metro do Porto network pass directly.