memmo Baleeira

Considerado um dos melhores hotéis na zona de Sagres, no hotel pode desfrutar de serviços de grande nível, tais como um restaurante de sabores mediterrâneos onde se destacam os ingredientes regionais. Uma incrível piscina com vista sobre oceano atlântico. E estando rodeada de mar, este local é considerado um dos melhores para se fazer surf em toda a Europa.

Hotel / apartaments
111 rooms and 33 apartments


Year (Exit)

Sagres, Algarve


With impressive views over the Atlantic, Memmo Baleeira is undoubtedly a unique offer in the Algarve.

Each room and suite has stunning views over the sea and the port of Baleeira. The hotel also has excellent finishes, in which Ecology and Sustainability are a priority.

The intense nature that hits the southwestern tip of Europe, the excellent regional cuisine, and many other factors, make this place the ideal place to live or to spend a few days.

Considered one of the best hotels in the area of Sagres, at the hotel, you can enjoy top-notch services, such as a restaurant with Mediterranean flavors where regional ingredients stand out. An incredible pool overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. And being surrounded by the sea, this place is considered one of the best for surfing in Europe.